Hi there,
I'm Arn

musician, traveler and creative educator

In my short time on this earth, life has taken me on a roller coaster across nearly 30 countries, composing music for everything from my friend’s high school film to Hollywood trailers and world star DJ’s, while also empowering other creators to do the same.

Everything started in a tiny village of 1700 people, nestled by the fjords of Norway.
I spent my childhood as a violinist in the local orchestra, falling in love with the cinematic expression of film scores like Lord Of The Rings and Jurassic Park. A few years later, I swapped the violin for the electric guitar, grew my hair out and became the lead guitarist of a rock band.

By the time I was in highschool, I was already studying Orchestration and Composition for Film and TV at Berklee Online, while taking on various scoring gigs for small films, games and series.

When I graduated, all I knew was that I wanted to make music, and see more of the planet we inhabit. I took the $500 I had to my name, filled a backpack with my laptop and keyboard, and got a one way ticket to Bangkok, Thailand.

At the time, I had no idea how this little decision would change my life forever. What started as a solo trip snowballed into a fully nomadic lifestyle across nearly 30 countries, and countless cities and villages over the years.

Throughout my travels, I worked on a wide variety of projects for films, games, trailers and other artists. Some of the biggest projects to date include the Lionsgate movie “Through My Father’s Eyes”, music for multiple grammy-award winning orchestra “Metropole Orkest”, and Hardwell, former #1 DJ in the world. My music has been featured in Hollywood trailers like “Lady And The Tramp”, “Lego Movie 2”, “Cold Pursuit and ads for UNICEF, Pennzoil and YouFoodz, with my personal YouTube channel surpassing 15.000.000 views.

During these years, composers started reaching out to me for advice on orchestration and composition, which lead to co-founding the online school Evenant, where we provide aspiring creatives with niche online courses from industry professionals. So far, this has grown into a beautiful community of over 200.000 followers, thousands of enrolled students and counting.

Here’s the thing… Even though I was making music full time, there was this lingering question in my mind I could no longer ignore.

“Is this it?”

While I loved the expression of cinematic music, I was tired of only writing to a brief and creating behind the scenes. I had put my own quest as a multi-instrumentalist and performer on the backburner to focus on other people’s creative visions. I decided to change that and devoted my time and resources to crafting my ultimate passion project, blending musical genres, styles and various mediums while continuing to write for media projects that excite me. As a result, you will find me working on a variety of creative projects, combining my passions for music, travel, cinematography, and education

My goal is to pioneer a new path for creatives without compromise, to push the boundaries of art and creativity, and transform the lives and work of millions of creators globally.

We empower composers, designers, filmmakers, and game developers to improve their craft and turn their passion into income. We offer a vault of free educational content, a thriving global community, and in-depth online courses taught by industry experts.