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Hi there,
I'm Arn

In my short time on this earth, life has taken me on a roller coaster across nearly 30 countries, composing music for everything from my friend’s high school film to Hollywood trailers and world star DJ’s, while also empowering other creators to do the same.


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The journey from a beginner to a professional creative was frustrating, expensive and lonely.
But I believe it doesn’t have to be this way. 

That’s why, together with my business partner Walid Feghali, we founded Evenant,
to help aspiring creatives make better art, make more money, and live better lives.

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We empower creatives through educational content (articles, tutorials, interviews, reviews, and video walkthroughs), a thriving global community, and in-depth courses in music, design, and film. Search through our complete content library for hundreds of articles and tutorials.

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Learn how to go from a musical idea to a rough orchestral sketch in minutes. And turn it into a full composition structure, quickly.

Cinematic Music:
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The Starting Composer’s Guide To Composing, Orchestrating and Mixing Orchestral Music.

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Just a little throwback to when I was on a camelback roaming through mars-like landscapes ...

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We’re deep into the saharan desert. After witnessing one of the most magical sunsets I’ve seen from the top of a majestic sand dune with a view, it’s time to call it a day. ⁠

I’m sitting under the clear star sky (no light pollution out there, that’s for sure), in deep conversation with one of the nomads that are guiding us through this foreign environment. ⁠

He had been living out there pretty much all his life. He had only been to a major city about twice in his life, and didn’t like it much. ⁠

It’s an extremely simple life they were living. But they played the drum like nothing I’ve ever heard, and seemed like some of the happiest people I’ve ever met. ⁠

And I remember one thing he said to me around the fire. ⁠

He felt that a lot of the modern population had lost their soul and their spark, and how he saw so much unhappiness in people’s eyes the few times he had been in the city. ⁠

He said that he believes modern people think they are unhappy because they don’t have enough, but that the real reason is because they have too much - without being grateful for any of it. ⁠

They become slaves to their belongings. ⁠

That hit me pretty hard. ⁠

The next day I went back to my high-tech life, while he remained in the desert with his close friends and drums. ⁠

I don’t think he’s missing out on one bit.

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Downtime is as important as the hustle itself.⁠

“There is virtue in work and there is virtue in rest. Use both and overlook neither.” ― Alan Cohen

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Little picture of a little camp we set up on the hill by our farm. We didn’t really have the necessary equipment that day, but for some reason really wanted to sleep outside that night anyways. ⁠

The night was beautiful, but after the sun went down, and the fire died out - it got cold. Real cold. We were pretty much shivering in our sleep until 5am the next morning, when we started heading home. ⁠

There have been few times when such a small thing like having a warm bed has felt better. But little experiences like this help you stay grateful for the things you take for granted every day, and don’t think about much - which I think is really healthy.

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THE FARM: Part 3.

It all came down to these two questions we asked ourselves: "Even if the worst case scenario happens, and we lose all the money put into it at some stage - would the experiences, lessons learned and the memories it brings be worth it?" and "Is the potential outcome of the best case scenario outweighing the risk of the worst case scenario?" The outcome of a pristine creative retreat in one of the most picture perfect locations our country has to offer, that our friends, family, colleagues, and other creatives can enjoy for the next 50+ years?
It was a clear, resounding YES.
Sometimes you just have to be bold, follow the gut instinct and ask yourself the above questions when bizarre or big opportunities like this present themselves.
There’s a 100 reasons why we could have backed out, and let our farm dream just be a funny «someday»-idea. But I’m darn happy we didn’t and went from thought to action.
What's something crazy and unplanned that you just jumped into, that turned out to be an amazing decision later down the road?

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THE FARM: Part 2.

By some miracle, noone put in any offers on it that day - and we ended up getting it for BELOW asking price.

Literally in transit in Amsterdam, I was on the phone with banks settling the financial details, and a day or two later, and a few signatures - we were proud owners of a farm in one of the most stunning locations in Norway.

The only catch was, there was no hot water, no toilet, no sewage, no modern facilities whatsoever.

We didn't see it as a downside, just as a challenge.

2 years later after renovating it, it has hot water, shower, toilet, and is a totally different place than when we got it. And we have grown as people and learned invaluable skills along the way.

Last summer it was completely booked out on Airbnb with 5 star reviews, and we intend to turn it into a retreat for creatives to connect, recharge, create and explore.

We had no idea what we had waiting for us. Especially me, I hadn't even seen the place. But our gut feeling was clear, it needed to happen.

And being spread all across the globe, getting a farm is maybe not the best logistical choice. Especially not one from 1850 that has no modern amenities and needed lots of work.

But all of us, our friends, friends and friends and strangers as well, have had invaluable times there, beautiful experiences and memories we'll treasure for life. It's all been worth it, and honestly one of the best decisions I have ever made.

And we’re just getting started.

But I admit, it was quite a crazy decision to buy it that day. I mean, after all I hadn’t even seen it. But it was just one of those things when you know it’s right. And logic just goes out the window.

Stay tuned for part 3!

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This little fella keeps coming by the farm to say “Hi” and spread good vibes pretty much daily during summertime.⁠

Impossible to have a bad day when looking at this happy thing, so - here you go!⁠

Goal for the year, be at least 50% as happy as this fox.

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